Multipurpose carriers face increased competition from container ships and bulk carriers, both of which are beset with overcapacity and low rates. Meanwhile, breakbulk/project demand is suffering from the decline in commodity prices caused by China’s reduced appetite for commodities and by a global oversupply of oil and gas.

Though heavy-lift and other shipments continue for projects already under way, other large mining and petrochemical projects have been postponed until the market’s direction becomes more clear. Volatile trade conditions also are reflected in declining shipments of steel and other industrial commodities. Other headwinds include increased near-sourcing for oversized shipments such as windmills for electric generation.

The shift of commodities such as cotton and coffee from breakbulk to containers has largely run its course. But other breakbulk and project cargos continues to move on multipurpose vessels, and many of the movements are becoming more complex, and require additional planning, expertise and equipment. Breakbulk/project cargo remains a dynamic market.

News & Analysis

01 Apr 2019
Global supply chain consultant Dennis Mottola sat down with to talk about what’s changed over the course of his 45-year career in project logistics and what hasn’t.
26 Mar 2019
Low water levels and a lack of maintenance could hamstring river transport of Russian heavy and out-of-gauge cargo during the narrow seasonal window for such shipments.
21 Mar 2019
Svend Andersen, CEO of BBC Chartering, tells that despite an improving market, the multipurpose and heavy-lift (MPV/HL) sector remains under pressure from overcapacity and rising regulatory costs.
14 Mar 2019
Slowing global growth and the US-China trade war are dampening the outlook for long-term investment in US project construction, shifting capital toward emerging markets.
13 Mar 2019
Strict schedules, predictable routes and prices, and commoditized handling have long made liner services attractive to breakbulk shippers, but project cargoes are a different story altogether.
12 Mar 2019
When demand is high, container and ro-ro carriers tend to stay in their own cargo “lanes,” but in leaner times, competition for project and breakbulk freight intensifies.
08 Mar 2019
Megaproject logistics, which often involves moving huge pieces of equipment through remote ports, brings with it a unique set of risks and challenges that traditional liner carriers simply aren't equipped to handle.
06 Mar 2019
Faced with risks both new and familiar in 2019, refrigerated cargo carriers are focusing on collaboration and technology to improve and expand service.
05 Mar 2019
Brunswick port forms an integral link in Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia’s supply chain, handling both incoming components and finished vehicles for export.
27 Feb 2019
Despite a monthly decline, daily charter rates for for MPV/HL vessels remain above last year's levels and the general outlook for the sector is bright, Hannes Hollaender, managing director at Toepfer Transport, tells
26 Feb 2019
A sunny climate and pro-wind and solar policies have contributed to a boom in renewable energy development in Australia, but the country’s power grid has struggled to adapt, prompting concern from the government.
20 Feb 2019
Despite a recent uptick in activity in the oil and gas industry, SAL Heavy Lift tells any new vessels must be versatile enough to handle multiple types of cargo.
13 Feb 2019
The multipurpose/heavy lift market continues to struggle with overcapacity, weak demand, and increased competition for breakbulk and project cargo from the bulk, ro-ro, and container sectors.
11 Feb 2019
ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum will spend $10 billion adding liquefaction and export capacity to an existing LNG import facility in Sabine Pass, Texas.
31 Jan 2019
The fuel efficiency of Zeamarine's newbuildings will be advantageous, and it will also be looking at scrubber technology and durability, Zeamarine president and CEO Andre Grikitis said.
AAL Kembla.
31 Jan 2019
Among shipowners’ concerns: will there be enough low-sulfur fuel on Jan. 1, 2020? And will the low-sulfur quality be consistent?
A nacelle being transported.
31 Jan 2019
US ports specializing in the handling of wind components and the heavy-haul truck lines are gearing up for an increase in wind projects.
A wind farm in the United States.
30 Jan 2019
Several US ports, many in the Gulf, are expecting a surge in wind cargo during the next 24 months.
A petrochemical plant.
30 Jan 2019
The US petrochemical buildout is being driven by the availability of cheap ethane.
BigLift Happy Star.
24 Jan 2019
Before selling individual assets, Hansa Heavy Lift’s owner had tried to sell the company.
BBC Chartering MPV/HL.
23 Jan 2019
Toepfer’s index consists of an average of six-month to 12-month time charter rates per day for 12,500 deadweight-ton multipurpose and heavy-lift F-type vessels.
Project logistics.
21 Jan 2019
At 2019’s outset, adequate global growth and demand bode well for project logistics, but potential pitfalls also exist.
Industrial Terminals Houston.
18 Jan 2019
Oaktree, primary shareholder of now-insolvent Hansa Heavy Lift, in January became a key partner with Kansas-based transportation provider Watco Companies.
A heavy-lift ship.
17 Jan 2019
The MPV/HL sector has been in the doldrums for four or five years.
A wind power blade being transported by Novoroslesexport.
15 Jan 2019
The blades were loaded onto telescopic trailers and transported to the Republic of Adygea at night.
AAL Bangkok.
15 Jan 2019
Recently, consolidation in the sector has accelerated, with acquisitions, mergers, alliances, and other cooperation among the stakeholders becoming routine.
Hansa Heavy Lift Kobe.
03 Jan 2019
Founded in 2011, HHL was the successor to Beluga Shipping but struggled to gain a foothold in the heavy-lift market as the global shipping crisis worsened in the mid-decade.
A wind power blade being transported in the United States.
02 Jan 2019
New factors will increase pressure on the US wind power logistics market, which already experiences late-year bottlenecks.
28 Dec 2018
India's breakbulk and project cargo trade growth has become a “sweetener” for container carriers struggling to fill up their large vessels with niche freight in the wake of continued lackluster demand in other global markets.
Technology and international shipping.
19 Dec 2018
TecPier plans to invest in maritime digitization opportunities in energy efficiency, online marketplaces, and process optimization.
A heavy-lift ship.
18 Dec 2018
The concerns have weighed on oil prices, and the health of the global energy market strongly affects the movement of project cargo.
A heavy lift ship.
10 Dec 2018
Both clauses are designed to be "simple and practical" and ease the global fleet's Jan. 1, 2020 transition to a low-sulfur fuel era, BIMCO said.
Hansa Heavy Lift HHL Kobe.
10 Dec 2018
Founded in 2011, Hansa Heavy Lift was the successor to Bremen-based Beluga Shipping.
A column being lifted on to a barge.
06 Dec 2018
An initial cargo of 19 units weighed more than 850 metric tons (937 tons) combined and included separators, heaters, and columns designed for hydrocarbon processing.
Breakbulk international logistics.
26 Nov 2018
Everything transported to an Antarctica research station by Trans Global Projects required extensive care and, due to the threat of intrusion by non-native plants and animals, extensive biosecurity and decontamination processes.
Reactor lift at Porto Marghera, Italy.
21 Nov 2018
Italy’s Porto Marghera has a unique capability on the peninsula, as two 1,692-ton heavy lifts of reactors bound for a refinery in Nigeria recently demonstrated.