Container Lines

Container Lines

At a time when the container shipping landscape is constantly evolving, and market dynamics present increasingly complex challenges for the shipping industry, the JOC provides up-to-the-minute news, analysis and business intelligence about the container lines that transport most of the world's trade including Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd, CMA CGM, MOL, Yang Ming, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, and many others.

JOC’s comprehensive coverage ranges from the latest information about new shipping lines to major changes in company leadership, to in-depth analysis of the pricing and volume trends that directly impact shippers' bottom lines and supply chains. The consolidation of the container shipping sector has resulted in increasingly divergent strategies, with some firms focusing solely on ocean transport while others opt for a more "end-to-end" approach. The JOC’s comprehensive, in-depth coverage probes the consequences of these various strategies for shipping lines, shippers, and other stakeholders of container lines.


US-Canada Trade: Analyzing the Outlook
May 2, 2019 2:00PM EDT
US-Mexico Trade: A New Era Takes Shape for Importers and Exporters
May 16, 2019 2:00PM EDT


Negotiations for 2019-2020 shipping contracts will be difficult on a number of fronts.

News & Analysis

01 Apr 2019
Carriers continue to report dismal schedule reliability on trans-Pacific trade routes, and although solutions exist, each comes with an inherent cost.
01 Apr 2019
Mark Szakonyi, executive editor
29 Mar 2019
George Goldman, president of Zim USA, tells the independent carrier will route the majority of its US cargo from Prince Rupert to Chicago, Memphis, and New Orleans.
29 Mar 2019
Container lines with the financial muscle — or state backing — are forging ahead with strategies aimed at controlling a greater portion of the container supply chain.
28 Mar 2019
A slowing US economy and huge front-loading of spring cargoes in late 2018 point to muted import growth in 2019.
27 Mar 2019
The South Korean container carrier says its new CEO will “focus on a customer’s view on handling HMM’s current issues in order to lead managerial innovation and strengthen its sales competitiveness.”
26 Mar 2019
The Danish shipping giant has established a start-up accelerator in India that aims to help develop technologies Maersk can one day leverage back into its own digital transformation.
25 Mar 2019
A combination of growing call sizes and increasing domestic competition is putting the spotlight on berth productivity as a competitive differentiator for container ports in India.
21 Mar 2019
The expansion of one of four main terminals at the port of Montreal will help Canada’s second-largest port cope with growing cargo volumes as shipping services increase.
21 Mar 2019
Only when carriers start actually using low-sulfur fuel later this year will the demand -- and the price -- be established.
20 Mar 2019
Although the final decision lies with the college of commissioners, a European Commission working group is examining the pros and cons of modifying the liner block exemption regulation, rather than renewing or repealing it.
19 Mar 2019
The International Transport Forum is calling for more clarity in the EU liner shipper block exemption rules, just days after the World Shipping Council submitted a report in support of extending the exemption.
15 Mar 2019
The seventh straight week of declining container spot rates and a 1 percent drop in US imports in January and February signal more blank sailings ahead in the eastbound trans-Pacific.
14 Mar 2019
The French ocean carrier’s latest intermodal offering aligns with its strategic goal of offering more integrated supply chain services, as well as an Indian government goal to convert more container cargo from truck to rail.
13 Mar 2019
Growing demand for manufacturing and refrigerated agricultural exports coupled with infrastructure upgrades and pro-trade reforms have made India one of the “top trading destinations” globally, according to the world’s largest container carrier.
13 Mar 2019
Strict schedules, predictable routes and prices, and commoditized handling have long made liner services attractive to breakbulk shippers, but project cargoes are a different story altogether.
12 Mar 2019
A new Cosco loop to the port of Montreal is the port's third new service to and from Europe in the past year.
11 Mar 2019
Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt multiple industries, but potential use cases in shipping are still a few years away, panelists tell the TPM 2019 Conference in Long Beach.
11 Mar 2019
Using connected devices to track container cargo shipments could transform the industry, but much of their value will remain unrealized if the systems they feed can't communicate with one another.
11 Mar 2019
Rising European containerized import volume in January was quickly followed by tumbling Chinese exports in February.
11 Mar 2019
Whether the mandate takes effect on Jan 1, 2020, and enforcement kicks in during March — as the IMO and its 171 member countries are on track to do — or if the mandate is delayed, this is just the beginning.
08 Mar 2019
Despite challenges with capacity and looming low-sulfur fuel costs, supply-demand economics points to balance — and profits — for container carriers in the short term, according to SeaIntelligence Consulting CEO Lars Jensen.
07 Mar 2019
Contrary to what some BCOs believe, carrier pricing to account for higher low-sulfur fuel costs can be simple, transparent, and fair, Rolf Habben Jansen tells TPM19.
07 Mar 2019
Soren Skou tells TPM19 Maersk's latest foray into integrated logistics will be more successful thanks to its dominant market share and widespread digitization throughout the container shipping industry.
06 Mar 2019
With far fewer carriers operating much larger vessels, the maritime shipping landscape has changed dramatically since the first stages of containerization 60 years ago, and the industry may be on the cusp of the next phase in its evolution.
06 Mar 2019
Faced with risks both new and familiar in 2019, refrigerated cargo carriers are focusing on collaboration and technology to improve and expand service.
06 Mar 2019
Long-haul container carriers are looking to take advantage of a recent change in India cabotage rules intended to lure transshipment cargo away from foreign hub ports.
06 Mar 2019
In an era of minute-by-minute supply chain demand, ocean shippers say they need carriers to improve on-time performance, but carriers say it's not so simple.
05 Mar 2019
Container carrier executives tell TPM 2019 poor forecasting is an industry-wide problem, but solving it could greatly reduce overbooking and "no-show" cargo, benefiting shippers and carriers alike.
04 Mar 2019
Carriers are showing greater capacity discipline on the trans-Pacific trade, but the added costs from IMO's looming low-sulfur fuel regulations are clouding an otherwise positive outlook.
04 Mar 2019
President Donald Trump will want to ensure voters in northern tier states don’t see heating oil and diesel prices skyrocket before the 2020 election as a result of the new IMO low-sulfur fuel rule, IHS Markit vice chairman Daniel Yergin tells the TPM 2019 Conference.
01 Mar 2019
Despite carrier efforts to reduce capacity via blank sailings, spot rates declined for the third consecutive week following annual factory closures in Asia during Lunar New Year festivities.
28 Feb 2019
With shippers already pushing back on low-sulfur fuel fees, tough annual contract talks lie ahead as carrier reliability on the trans-Pacific drops to new lows in January.
27 Feb 2019
Upcoming trans-Pacific service contract talks give BCOs an opportunity to reassess haulage options, but choosing between carrier and merchant models requires a delicate balance between cost and control.
27 Feb 2019
The risk of severe disruption in early 2020 should be on the minds of all beneficial cargo owners and forwarders leading up to the Jan. 1 imposition of the IMO's low-sulfur fuel rules.