Port Equipment

Port Equipment

Read the latest on port equipment news and stories, including chassis supplies and chassis pools. 


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May 2, 2019 2:00PM EDT
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May 16, 2019 2:00PM EDT


In 2010, Maersk announced it would no longer offer chassis as part of its service.

News & Analysis

01 Apr 2019
An association of ocean carriers has released a list of best practices for resolving detention and demurrage disputes, but shippers say it doesn't address underlying issues.
14 Feb 2019
Auto-strad technology gives terminal operators considering automation a scalable model that is less costly than using automated stacking cranes and automated guided vehicles.
14 Feb 2019
CEO Capt. John Murray tells JOC.com the port aims to be the transportation hub for central Florida’s commercial space industry.
06 Feb 2019
Chassis shortages can lead to pretty steep penalties for cargo owners. It would take a lot of demurrage, detention, and per diem, however, to wash away the savings of chassis rates on a door move.
06 Feb 2019
Beneficial cargo owners pay the price when there is a chassis shortage, so what are the options to address these chronic issues? Each idea has some pros and cons for shippers.
Chassis stacked.
11 Jan 2019
Chassis supplies are low at the Port of New York and New Jersey due to high cargo volumes and chassis dwell times.
17 Jul 2018
US tariffs on Chinese imports are threatening to not only increase costs for shippers, but also force them to pay more for the equipment they use.
The Port of New York and New Jersey.
21 May 2018
When finished, the terminal expects to be able to handle three mega-ships at once in an effort to give shippers a smoother, more efficient gateway for cargo.