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How deep are U.S. ports?

News, analysis, data and videos covering U.S. ports along the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf Coast. From the latest news about port congestion, port strikes in L.A. or elsewhere, the JOC covers not just the details of the news, but the impact of current events on shippers, logistics providers, carriers, port terminal operators and other stakeholders in the sector. 


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May 2, 2019 2:00PM EDT
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Ports are in the unique position to facilitate transformational change for the global supply chain. If we responsibly harness the new technologies available, these advanced solutions can position ports as trusted partners in digital infrastructure — just as we are in physical infrastructure.

News & Analysis

01 Apr 2019
Ari Ashe, associate editor, JOC
29 Mar 2019
As exports from the region waned, expansion of all-water services from Asia and a boom in import distribution facilities contributed to double-digit growth in imports to US Gulf ports last year.
28 Mar 2019
A slowing US economy and huge front-loading of spring cargoes in late 2018 point to muted import growth in 2019.
27 Mar 2019
Bill Mongelluzzo, senior editor
25 Mar 2019
Hutchison Group, the operator of the only terminal at the port of Ensenada in Mexico, will invest $100 million to expand capacity to handle double-digit growth in cargo volumes.
22 Mar 2019
The Los Angeles harbor commission has put plans to automate a portion of APM Terminals’ Pier 400 facility on hold, but the delay is likely just a temporary setback.
22 Mar 2019
The switch from an incentive-based pricing model thus far has had little impact on traffic patterns at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, but truckers are waiting to see how it operates once the ports are congestion free.
21 Mar 2019
Savannah led Asian import growth among top US ports last year and aims to increase its market share further by reaching deeper into interior US with expanded intermodal rail.
18 Mar 2019
Steven M. Cernak, a veteran of the ports of Galveston, Everglades, and New York-New Jersey passed away over the weekend.
18 Mar 2019
Sources tell multiple terminals are being "bombarded" by empty container returns, causing congestion at terminal gates and delaying the overall recovery at the busiest US port complex.
18 Mar 2019
A new appointment system, the second in the Port of New York and New Jersey, should be up and running at APM Terminals in the summer.
15 Mar 2019
Harold Daggett, leader of the East and Gulf coast longshore labor union, is seeking a third term just over a year after striking a coastwide master contract with employers banning automated terminals.
13 Mar 2019
Long Beach's dilemma over choosing a port information portal highlights questions of how much shipment information is needed to improve efficiency for BCOs and truckers and how much users will be willing to pay for that data.
12 Mar 2019
Dallas cargo owners will lose a rail option to Houston in late April
11 Mar 2019
Two projects will add more than 28,000 square feet of new track inside the US East Coast's largest port, most of which will be used to store empty rail cars and build trains.
08 Mar 2019
A new barge service in the Port of New York and New Jersey could be up and running by the year's end, with routes to Portland, Maine, and Wilmington, Delaware, under consideration.
07 Mar 2019
Terminal executives at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex tell TPM 2019 that when container gateways get overwhelmed by unexpected volume surges, even the best laid operating plans go awry.
05 Mar 2019
The state has revived a project to raise the ceiling of CSX's Howard Street Tunnel to and from the Port of Baltimore in an effort to attract more Midwest cargo.
05 Mar 2019
Brunswick port forms an integral link in Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia’s supply chain, handling both incoming components and finished vehicles for export.
04 Mar 2019
Terminal operator SSA Marine has signed a new lease that includes the expansion and development of the Port of Jacksonville's Blount Island Marine Terminal and $28 million for harbor dredging.
04 Mar 2019
Under the new program, ILA gangs will be responsible for increasing their productivity by about one move per hour each year, and teams that don't meet their goals will face additional reviews or even be removed from rotation.
01 Mar 2019
Elevated cargo levels through the Port of New York and New Jersey in 2018 had no major impact on cargo fluidity, except for at one terminal, and stakeholders say that bodes well for future surges.
28 Feb 2019
The cargo flow at APM Terminals' facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey, is returning to normalcy after five months of elevated turn times and rail dock dwell times.
28 Feb 2019
The Port of Virginia has officially placed 13 new container stacks online while also receiving clearance to increase its imports and exports of reefer containers.
26 Feb 2019
With blank sailings kicking in and congestion at Chicago rail yards easing, terminal operators in LA-LB say they have turned the corner and they see end of congestion by mid-March
22 Feb 2019
The ILWU agreed to postpone a decision on a construction permit to automate a portion of APM Terminal's Pier 400 in Los Angeles, but this is likely a temporary setback as the union's coastwide labor contract allows employers to automate at will.
19 Feb 2019
CMA CGM will begin calling Port Tampa Bay in May with its PEX3 service, the second major weekly Asian string to visit the central Florida port in 2019.
15 Feb 2019
Rising cargo volumes and retirements have prompted the Port of New York and New Jersey to hire more than 650 longshoremen and checkers.
15 Feb 2019
Import demand growth in the region is improving prospects for already strong exports of petrochemical, agricultural, and forest products, which had previously been limited by a shortage of empty containers.
14 Feb 2019
Auto-strad technology gives terminal operators considering automation a scalable model that is less costly than using automated stacking cranes and automated guided vehicles.
14 Feb 2019
CEO Capt. John Murray tells the port aims to be the transportation hub for central Florida’s commercial space industry.
13 Feb 2019
Miami has been home to shippers importing flowers since the 1990s. Once almost exclusively done via air, now roses, carnations, lilies, and other flowers are being transported in refrigerated ocean containers into south Florida.
11 Feb 2019
The port authority aims to reduce pollution even as cargo volumes increase by removing aging drayage trucks from service.
08 Feb 2019
Rail delays in Los Angeles and Long Beach are compounding already severe congestion that has caused truck turn times to spike, with no relief in sight for at least the next two weeks.