Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal Shipping

News and analysis of the developments and trends shaping intermodal shipping around the globe including technological advancements, infrastructure projects and supply chain disruption.


US-Canada Trade: Analyzing the Outlook
May 2, 2019 2:00PM EDT
US-Mexico Trade: A New Era Takes Shape for Importers and Exporters
May 16, 2019 2:00PM EDT


What does the term “Industry 4.0” mean for logistics and supply chains? Logistics 4.0 has recently emerged as a move to smart transportation and logistics, enhanced sales and operations planning, and dynamic logistics network configuration.

News & Analysis

01 Apr 2019
Ari Ashe, associate editor, JOC
29 Mar 2019
Ari Ashe, associate editor, JOC
28 Mar 2019
Domestic intermodal volume will decline on a quarterly basis for the first time since 2016 to begin this year, but it’s still unclear whether the drop in shipments is a worrisome trend or a result of comparisons to an extraordinary 2018.
25 Mar 2019
Although the 2018 imports and intermodal shipments were inflated somewhat due to the tariffs, the 10-year trend has been increased transloading of imports to domestic containers in Southern California.
15 Mar 2019
Should shipment volumes of privately owned domestic containers continue to outpace those of rail-owned units, it will have major implications for the future of non-asset intermodal retailers.
11 Mar 2019
Two projects will add more than 28,000 square feet of new track inside the US East Coast's largest port, most of which will be used to store empty rail cars and build trains.
05 Mar 2019
The state has revived a project to raise the ceiling of CSX's Howard Street Tunnel to and from the Port of Baltimore in an effort to attract more Midwest cargo.
04 Feb 2019
Trucking operator Schneider National is evolving to meet increased shipper expectations by harnessing new technology, adapting to new customer requirements, and focusing on higher productivity.
01 Feb 2019
The US economy won't run off the road this year, but keep an eye on trade, tariffs, and 2020, economists say at SMC3's Jump Start 2019 event.
An intermodal train travels in the United States.
14 Jan 2019
Class I railroads face uncertainty in global trade, as well challenges in service and pricing, to keep momentum going in 2019.
An intermodal train in the United States.
08 Jan 2019
If price is how intermodal separates itself from trucking, railroads should think hard about rates.
Trucks travel on a US highway.
16 Nov 2018
Higher freight volumes and shipper spending reported by the Cass Freight Index show that while the US economy may be expanding more slowly in late 2018, it is not on the verge of a contraction.
19 Oct 2018
The new Amsterdam link will provide greater service resilience for the Netherlands-Italy rail option, as the connections to the two Dutch ports will run on different routes, enabling a flexible response to any rail-related or port-related delays, according to Samskip UK trade manager David Besseling.
16 Jul 2018
US shippers are desperate for surface capacity and turning to modes they previously shunned as a result.
Dallas skyline.
29 May 2018
Integra, founded in 2003, has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Chicago and is also an intermodal marketing company and third-party logistics provider.
A freight train travels in Illinois, United States.
24 May 2018
The United States is early in trucking’s “new normal” era, but what is already clear is this: shippers will have to use all options — whether truckload, intermodal rail, less-than-truckload, or even package van — if they want to secure surface transportation capacity.
Intermodal rail in California.
24 May 2018
Railroads are no longer taking on new contracts for peak domestic intermodal business later this year out of Southern California. And that means small-size and mid-size shippers will likely be hurt the most because they don’t have the necessary volume to gain leverage in negotiations; they will be forced to supplement any truckload serve with record-high spot rates on the rails.